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Camping signs let people know they have arrived at your campsite and they also make a statement about you! Whether you want a permanent personalized carved wooden camping sign or a DIY temporary sign (we’ll show you how to make one) to mark your camp, here are some fun camping sign ideas to get your creative juices flowing to create the perfect campsite sign to fit your personality! Psst we’re compensated…see our disclosures.

Fun Camping Signs To Mark Your Campsite
Whether you camp in busy campgrounds or find a big piece of wilderness to call your own, camping signs gotta reflect your individuality! Here are a few we love…

The cool thing about camping signs printable on outdoor fabric is that they are designed to withstand the elements. And, personalized campsite signs can be made in so many combinations to fit the type of camping you do … like tent camping with your family and your dog!

Happy Campers Personalized Tent Campsite Sign



Some of the most popular camping signs are the garden flag type that can be customized like this Happy Campers, Personalized RV Camping Sign. 

Happy Campers, Personalized RV Camping Signs



Occasionally you will find garden style camping signs with stands, but custom camping signs usually don’t include one. Most of the personalized camping signs fit on a standard garden flag stand.

Garden Flag Stand For Camping Signs



Some personalized camping signs are designed to be hung from hooks and displayed on walls in RVs, homes or cabins. These are often personalized … usually with the last name of campers who are hanging out there … get it … hanging camping sign. Never mind, I’ve been told to stick to my day job when I think I might want to become a comedian. LOL

Personalized Welcome To Rolling Estates Camping Sign



Personalized metal camping signs featuring s’mores and campfires are so fun! Most metal signs have pre-drilled holes for easy hanging and are usually designed to be displayed indoors and outdoors!

Personalized Fire Pit S’more The Merrier Metal Camping Sign



If you are looking for custom campsite signs for campers who have a sense of humor and are slightly mischievous, these What Happens At The Campsite Stays At The Campsite personalized camp signs might be the perfect fit!

What Happens At The Campsite Stays At The Campsite



Carved wooden signs have a mark of craftsmanship you can’t find in other types of signs. They are even more unique when they are personalized wooden camping signs like this Live To Camp sign with the campsite scene in the trees and mountains!

Live To Camp Personalized Wooden Camping Signs



I personally love metal camping signs with a vintage camper theme because they are small and lightweight enough to hang on a wall inside an RV. These It’s All Good In The Trailer Hood metal camping signs are adorable!

It’s All Good In The Trailer Hood Metal Camping Signs



It is unusual to find lighted camping signs, but these Glow In The Dark Camping Signs are an alternative to lighting camping signs with electrically powered lights. These camping symbols are found on real camp way-finding signs (I personally love the campfire symbol) and they are visible during the day as well as at night with a regular flashlight.

Glow In The Dark Camping Signs



Camping plaques don’t have to be customized to be fun camping signs. The Live Love Laugh Camp message with the whimsical camping scene makes this camper sign one of my personal favorites!

Live Love Laugh Camp Camping Sign Plaques


How To Find Friends With DIY Camping Signs
On busy camp weekends, like the big summer holidays of Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day, you can bet we opt for as much wilderness as possible … that means we’re going boondocking! If you are not familiar with dispersed camping, check out our post. I mean, camping is all about escaping the city and its masses of inhabitants for a few days … right? So here’s what we do…

How To Use Temporary DIY Camping Signs The general dispersed camping area is predetermined and agreed upon by the group (before leaving home, of course LOL). Everybody heads to the general area and the first group that arrives gets to pick “the spot”. (You know how dispersed camping spots are first come, first served.) Next, the first group to arrive has to “give directions” to the rest of the group so they can find the spot. This usually means you are hanging your DIY temporary camping signs (an easily identifiable art project on the back of a paper plate) to lead your friends to the camping destination. Have fun and camp! Temporary DIY Camping Signs That Made Us Laugh
Most people use paper plates to create temporary camping signs … some are too funny not to share!
Some DIY camping signs need a little creativity!

Some DIY camping signs are constructed by MacGyver wanna be campers!

Some DIY camping signs make it really obvious that somebody forgot to pack the paper plates!

Some DIY camping signs are perfect just the way they are!

How To Make Temporary DIY Camping Signs Yield: 1 Temporary Camping Sign How To Make Fun Temporary DIY Camping Signs Print
Camping For Foodies Camping Activities: Instructions On How To Make Fun Temporary DIY Camping Signs
Active Time 15 minutes Total Time 15 minutes Difficulty Easy Estimated Cost FREE Materials 1 Paper plate 2 Bag twist ties Camping-themed stickers (optional) Tools Colored markers or pencils Instructions Make two small holes (about 1/2 inch apart) at the top of the paper plate (you can use a pen, knife tip, sharp tree branch, screwdriver, camping multi-tool etc. to create the holes). Eventually you will feed the bag twist ties through these holes to fasten your DIY camping sign to a tree limb. Repeat step 1 on the bottom of the paper plate. Use colored markers, pencils or camping-themed stickers to decorate the back side of the paper plate. Get creative here to show your camping personality! Some Ideas: Camping symbols (like clipart of campfires, tents, camper trailers, roasting marshmallows, campsite scenes, camp equipment etc) are fun images to incorporate in your temporary DIY camping signs. Draw an arrow within the decoration on the plate to tell your friends which direction to turn when they see your camping sign. NOTE: Make sure you know where you will be hanging your DIY camping sign so you know which direction the arrow should be drawn on the plate. Feed the bag twist ties through the holes. Hang your camping sign using the bag twist ties to fasten the top and bottom of the paper plate to the limbs of a tree, bush or other stationary object. NOTE: Make sure your camping sign is visible from the road your friends will be traveling on by walking on the road toward your sign. If you are in a heavily wooded area, it is easy for your temporary camping sign to be obstructed by the trees. If you are interested in some fun permanent camping signs, check out some ideas on our blog post here https://www.campingforfoodies.com/camping-signs/ Notes

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