21 IKEA Gifts Perfect for Everyone on Your List

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When it comes to Christmas gifts, IKEA is a one-stop-shop, and really, who doesnt need that in their life during the holidays? From toys and IKEA furniture to interior design decor, theres a unique gift idea for everyone in your life. Weve curated our top picks for Christmas gift ideas, youll find treasures for kids, foodies, plant lovers and more. Keep reading to see the listSanta would approve.

For Kids

Play Kitchen

A love of food begins at an early age, especially if someone else in the family likes to cook. Get your little one set up with a kitchen space of his very own. This set comes with curtains, so from puppet shows to playing restaurant, the possibilities for pretend play are endless. We also love the chalkboard for writing down the daily specials!

Buy it here, $49.99.

Paper Roll Holder

For artists of any age, having paper at the ready is a must. We like this paper roll holder for its simple design and that kids as young as three can easily use it.

Buy it here, $7.99.

Buy a roll of paper here, $4.99.


Rainbow Cushion

This adorable rainbow cushion is the perfect addition to the play room or your kid's room was drawn by five-year-old Darren from Hong Kong, as part of IKEA's contest that turned kids' art into toys and pillows.

Buy one here, $4.99.

Pizza-Making Play Set

Complement his new kitchen with a soft pizza set. Kids can add toppings, toss and "eat" to their heart's desire. It comes with 24 pieces, including sauce, cheese, arugula, pepperoni and more.

Buy one here, $7.99.

Watercolor Set

This all-in-one watercolor set is perfect for home or when you're out and about! There are 14 different colors, two water cups that sit in the tray, and two brushes.

Buy it here, $7.99.


This brightly colored abacus will help your toddler learn her numbers and colors, plus it helps to develop fine motor skills. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, it's a great looking toy that'll stand the test of time.

Grab it here, $9.99.

For Foodies

Wood Chopping Block

This beautifully shaped chopping block can do double duty as a cheese or hors d'oeuvres plate. It's made of sustainable mango wood, too.

Buy it here, $14.99.

Vinterfest Apron

Protect the chef at home from spills and splatters with a bright new apron from IKEA's new Vinterfest line. Made from 100% cotton.

Get one here, $7.99.

Knife Sharpener

For the adult foodie at home, a knife sharpener is key. Although this might seem like a ho-hum gift, real cooks know that a sharp knife is a must. There are three slots for fine, medium or coarse sharpening.

Buy it here, $12.99.

Baking Mat & Knife Set

This baking mat and knife set is perfect for kids and adults who like to bake. It makes working with dough easier, there's a conversion table on the mat, a heart-shaped stamp on the knife for cookies and stencils for both kids and adults to use when decorating cakes and cupcakes.

Buy it here, $9.99.

For Design Aficionados

Red & White Swivel Chair

A gift for kids and design-savvy parents alike, this dome-shaped swivel chair gives kids a quiet place to chill and gives parents the gift of kids' furniture that doesn't look like kids' furniture.

Buy it here, $69.99.

Good Vibes Poster

Tweens will like the vibe of this poster, and parents will like the fact that it only looks like a neon light. It fits a 24x36" frame.

Buy it here, $10.

We Love Home Coffee Table Book

This book features different homes ranging from cozy to dark and colorful, perfect for the design-minded person in your life. It also includes tips and tricks on how to achieve a beautiful abode.

Grab a copy here, $14.99.

Arts and Crafts Storage Boxes

Help the creative person in your life make her arts and craft space a little easier to navigate. These storage containers pop with a bold design that'll show up on a shelf or in a closet.

Buy some here, $3.99.

For Plant Lovers

Live Plant Set

A set of live snake plants is perfect for anyone with a green thumb. Each one comes in its own pastel-hued pot.

Buy the set here, $6.99.

Ivory and Gold Watering Can

Say goodbye to ugly plastic watering cans and say hello to this chic one instead. We love the fact that it's made of galvanized metal to prevent rusting and that you can leave it out after your chores are done!

Buy it here, $9.99.

Fern & Flowers Decal

Bring the indoors in with this charming decal set that will appeal to kids and adults alike.

Buy it here, $9.99.

Indoor/Outdoor Greenhouse

The whole family can enjoy this indoor/outdoor greenhouse! Use it to start seedlings, grow herbs, or use as live decor.

Buy it here, $19.99.

For Techies

WiFi Bookshelf Speaker

This slim speaker offers a rich sound without taking up a lot of space. Stream music via WiFi capabilities, and what's even cooler, you can control each speaker individually, so you can stream music in one room while the kids listen to an audiobook in another.

Buy a set here, $99 each.

Triple Charger

Your smart device command center will be chic when you upgrade to this triple charger station. Designed with cork and white trim, it's a minimalist look that means no more tangled cords. Works with Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S6 or newer models.

Buy it here, $39.99.

Device Stand

If you don't have a tablet holder yet, this is an easy gift idea. It'll keep devices upright with two different viewing options.

Grab one here, $4.99.

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