479: Katie Fiore on Apple Abundance.

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How to get creative with 80 pounds of fruit.

In This Podcast:

We are back with returning guest and team member, Katie Fiore to talk about getting creative when your yard gives you an excess of food. While many people fear abundance, she embraces the creativity it allows and shares a different way to look at cooking with apples in both the long and short term. You’ll also learn about the concept of a “Cool Tool” community shed for lesser-used harvest tools, as well as saving seeds and succession planting for seasonal abundance. 
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Katie  is an Arizona native who spent most of her life thinking she had a brown thumb. Five years ago, her first successful attempt at growing food was herbs grown in wine barrels. Since then she has become an Urban Farm junkie. In Spring 2018 she planted 15 fruit trees and bushes in the backyard and has started adding a few raised beds to her garden. Now, she is up to 21 fruit trees on her property, all with sweet potatoes planted under them.  

A career change last summer has given her the time to pursue a healthier, lower stress life with her new husband Mark. She is currently following her dreams of blogging about all her adventures, nurturing her backyard food forest, and helping GrowPHX Collaborative establish a Speakers Bureau in Arizona.  

Listen in and learn about: How one of Greg’s secrets to success is working for her fruit trees  Shift your mindset to embrace abundance instead of avoiding it  Get ideas on how to use your apple harvest  Learn different methods and tools for maximizing your apple harvest  How to create a community tool shed   Canning using water and pressure canning with an instant pot  Flavors that pair well with apples so you can get creative  Planning seasonally for abundance through successive planting  Saving seeds to create a continuous food source  As well as:  Her vivid childhood memory associated with food  – How growing up with frozen vegetables inspires her to grow fresh food.  Her advice – Don’t wait! The sooner you start, the longer you have to enjoy it.  How to reach Katie: 
Website: adventuristaaz.com 

Facebook: AdventuristaAZ 

Instagram: @AdventuristaAZ 

Twitter: @AdventuristaAZ 

YouTube: AdventuristaAZ 

Pinterest: AdventuristaAZ 
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