Fall into Success: 5 Tips for Selling Your Home in an Autumn Market

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Many people will assure you that spring is the best time to list your home for sale, but the fall housing market is one of the best kept secrets in real estate! Spring and summer are the most popular times for a home sale, but there are some distinct advantages to listing your property in autumn.

For one, there’s less competition on the market, which means buyers can’t be as picky. You’re more likely to get full or above asking price from people desperate to settle in before the holidays. Plus, the buyer pool is more serious. This makes it more likely you’ll not only receive an offer, but close on it quickly.

If you’re looking to sell your home and complete your move in time to deck the halls of your new house, use these tips to help facilitate your sale!
1) Keep up with your curb appeal.
One of the best things about this time of year is the gorgeous fall foliage that blankets the earth! Take advantage of that to boost your curb appeal and make a good first impression on prospective buyers. Don’t let your landscaping duties slide as the temperatures drop. Rake your leaves, clean your gutters, and clear your yard of any dead plant debris.

Play up the warm autumn vibes with a few cute decorations—like a pumpkin on the porch or a wreath on the door. You might even want to add a couple fall plants, like some richly colored potted mums or marigolds.
2) Focus on cold-weather home maintenance.
Fall buyers will be looking more closely for issues with household features that come into play during the winter. Have your HVAC system checked so you can assure your showings are warm and comfortable and quell any concerns about your heating system. Add a little extra insulation around the doors and windows to prevent any drafts from sneaking through.

It’s also a good idea to replace the filters in your furnace before you start giving tours. When you crank the heat on for the first time in a few months, you don’t want it to stir up any unsightly debris or stale odors in the air!
3) Let there be light.
Combat the gloom of shorter fall days with plenty of natural and artificial light shining throughout your home. Turn on every lamp you have to illuminate even the tiniest corner. If you don’t think you have enough light, go out and buy some more!

It’s especially important when showing this time of year to take advantage of the natural light your house does get. Be sure to keep your blinds and curtains open so your home stays bright and welcoming.
4) Take your real estate photos sooner rather than later.
Exterior pictures of your home can often turn out drab in the fall or winter. Early fall is the best time to take listing photos if you’re aiming to sell before the end of the year.

Take advantage of the beautiful September weather to highlight the best aspects of your home and make your photos stand out! Stage your exterior for that optimal autumn curb appeal before you do to bring prospective buyers in with just a few clicks.
5) Make it feel cozy.
Buyers in the fall are looking for a space they can spend the upcoming winter months snuggling up in. Help make them feel that your home is the place to do that with some strategic cozy staging tactics that zone in on the comforts of autumn!

If you have a fireplace, clean it out, turn it on, and let it roar when the buyers come through. Decorate your home with tasteful seasonal accents but be careful not to overdo it! A poignant centerpiece for the dining room table, a subtle leaf table runner, and one or two fall-scented candles are all you need. Add a few throw pillows and blankets to the furniture and you’re good to go.

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