Friday Food Finds: Sriracha Doritos, Donut Candy Corn, Cold Brew Marshmallows, and More!

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There is, perhaps, no better word to sum up this week’s Friday Food Finds than “random.” Random AF, in fact, as I presented Taylor Strecker and guest co-host Matt Ryan with a plethora of unique (and bizarre!) grocery items that have recently hit shelves. Some were hits, some missed the mark, but all are here to stay (at least temporarily). Check out our thoughts below. And don’t let them deter you from trying these all yourself. Our palates may not be the most sophisticated, but one thing we can all agree upon: Chips are the best.
Brach’s Donut Shoppe Candy Corn
Have we found a product to bridge the divide between candy corn lovers and haters? These may just do the trick! Strawberry is a hard pass, but the chocolate and vanilla glazed flavors are yummy and surprisingly addictive. What do you think, America? Can we overlook our differences and unite as one Halloween candy-loving force? The choice is yours, all thanks to Brach’s.
Screamin’ Sriracha Doritos (TO COME)
Like the condiment, these Sriracha Doritos have a delayed burn that hits your tongue ever-so-subtly a few seconds after eating. This makes the spice level perfect for noshing—not painfully hot, but enough to make your nose run a little. It’s really hard to mess up a Dorito, so we encourage the brand to keep giving us these new iterations that consumers oh-so-love and dietitians love to hate.
Fried Onion Ring Pringles (Found Exclusively in 7-Eleven Stores)
These taste exactly like fried onion rings which makes them dangerous, particularly during the wee hours of morning when you’ll find yourself randomly (and drunkenly, I’m sure) stumbling into a 7-Eleven for Slurpees and Slim Jims. Ugh, Pringles. Why are you doing this to us again? As if we needed another binge-worthy snack to add to our list.
Love Good Fats Bars (Cookies & Cream)
This is, perhaps, the most polarizing offering of the bunch. Tay and Matt couldn’t stand it, but I find the bar to be outstanding. Sure, Cookies & Cream isn’t their best flavor (try Lemon Mousse), but I am obsessed with the fact that they aren’t too sweet and have a pleasantly gritty mouthfeel. To each his own and I will happily own whatever each of you don’t want to eat.
Weller Coconut Bites with Hemp Extract (Dark Chocolate)
These are SO good. The crunch is perfect (almost like the top part of a Somoa Girl Scout cookie) and the coconut flavor is not overpowering. There is also virtually zero trace of hemp taste (a good thing), yet they’re supposed to calm you down and tout all of the health benefits associated with the nutritious plant. Honestly, we can’t keep calm because these are fantastic and we NEED. MORE. ASAP.
Kettle Brand Apple Cider Vinegar Potato Chips (TO COME)
Kettle really hit it out of the park with this one. In fact, they should seriously consider making Apple Cider Vinegar a permanent flavor in their already-impressive lineup. This is the go-to snack for those who think traditional Salt & Vinegar is too strong. It’s the perfect balance of salt and tang, piled high on the familiar, crunchy chip we’ve grown to love. This is definitely a contender for Top 10 Friday Food Finds of 2019. You heard it here first, folks!
Smashmallow Dark Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows
We were most excited to try the Cold Crew flavor, but it paled in comparison to Raspberry, which was decadent and one of the best things we sampled all morning. The Cold Brew, however, may stand a chance if melted in a festive hot chocolate, so anyone who is already listening to Christmas music, take note.
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