Italy is a gorgeous place to visit, whether you’re in the big cities or if you’re by the coast, it never fails to impress tourists

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The rustic interior adds to the Italian feel of the city, but if you can’t keep jetting off to different parts of the country, why not transform your bedroom instead? 

The transformation can be quite simple, rooms inspired by Italy are often simplistic and filled with woven material. But how can you turn your bedroom into a coastal Italian retreat? We’ve got the decorating tips for your bedroom, and we’ve made it easy so it’s both doable and affordable. 

Small, decorative details will transform your home into the ideal coastal Italian retreat, whether you’re opting for lamps or flowers. The color palette can make all the difference. From tan bed frames to pastel shades, your room will resemble the gorgeous Italian culture. 

Head to a bed specialist like Divan Beds Centre to find the ideal frame for your new bedroom. Beds with a big headboard and small legs are the epitome of Italian interiors, particularly when it’s paired with a big mattress. Add a simple color for your bedding with a throw to match the bed frame draped across the duvet. While the frame can be any color, the perfect match to turn your room into a coastal Italian retreat is a light shade – avoid any colors that pop a little too much. 

Sant’antioco, Italy
Elle Decor advises people who are trying to mimic the Italian coastal design to plant a tree indoors. A small orange or lemon tree will grow to be a perfect size and still give you the ability to have nature inside your home. Place it in a woven basket by the window and watch it grow. 

To transform your room into a true Italian haven, perhaps add an accent chair among all the tan and pastel colors. If you’re adding a yellow chair among the other shades, it’s going to stand out. Often, Italian homes will feature the occasional splash of color which steals the attention – so it’s always worth making sure it’s a statement piece. 

Minimalism remains the ideal in most Italian bedrooms, which means clutter is a no go. Perhaps get an ottoman, so you’re able to use it to sit on, and to store your items.

Alternatively, shelves filled with books, ornaments or candles can also be placed around the room to add some personality. 

Manarola, Italy
Woven materials are often dotted around the bedroom, whether you’re using it for a washing basket, plant pot or trinket box, it will always suit the surroundings. Natural elements will really give the room that coastal Italian retreat feel. 

Your room can be transformed in the smallest ways, but minimalism appears to be key. Woven baskets and simple colors definitely flaunt Italian culture, and it’s easy to place in the bedroom. 

However, if you’re not ready to give up your colors, you can still take advantage of a gorgeous color palette. Add one statement shade to the room and you’ll find it can mirror coastal Italian retreats and bedrooms while still flaunting your personal style.

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