Styling Plants And Flowers To Fit Your Decor

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Don’t just plop a plant down and walk away, it has to fit in with the rest of your home. In fact, if you do that, it's a surefire way to eventually get tired of having a plant in your home in the first place. We need to style the plants and flowers we want in our home so they don’t look out of place. But it's difficult because plants are living things and they will be surrounded by inanimate objects. Something that’s alive and moving, will always find it difficult to blend into the background of stillness. However, it's very possible to make any plant and flower feel like they belong in the home if you know how to place them.

Knee-high plantsLarge and tall plants definitely have a special belonging in the modern home. It's pretty common to have tall plants in among your decor if you live in an urban space. There’s not that much room horizontally speaking, but you can always build and style upwards. That’s why knee-high plant vases that stand on the floor are your best bet for plant styling in the living room. You don’t want to have a plant that sits on the floor so low you can easily walk into it, but you don’t want a plant that towers over you either. So bringing whatever plant you have chosen, up to knee height in a smooth slender limestone vase, hits two birds with one stone.

In a dark roomEvery room in the home can and should have at least one plant. It's not difficult to do, just vary the sizes and types that you’re putting into each room depending on what goes on inside them. For the bedroom or better yet the office, you should get an led grow light bulb that acts as a hydroponic growing system. Your plants and flowers will get the light they need in order to function but your room will be lit up with a cool neon purple. This is great for home offices, as it acts as a lamp but keeps your vegetation healthy at the same time. It's also great for plants that seem to never get enough sunlight thanks to being in an inherently dark room.

Source Andrew Pledger A matching gameFlowers are by far the easier option when it comes to styling. Quite simply, you buy flowers with the same color as the dominant color in the room. For example, if your living room is mainly blue, then you would buy hyacinths because their pale blue isn’t overpowering yet stands out enough to compliment your decor. If you have a predominantly neutral room, then a bouquet of casa blanca flowers would seamlessly fit right in. it's really just a matching game which only gets complex when you start to experiment with the type of flower regarding shape and size.

Any modern home must have some kind of plant and flower mixture in every room. Contemporary decor just doesn’t seem complete without some kind of plant standing tall. #Gardening #HomeDecor #ForTheHome
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