Use My Favorite Tape to Paint a Gorgeous Accent Wall

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Ready to add some style to a wall in your home using paint?

If so, try adding a fun accent wall using paint and Frog Tape! I have painted my whole house using this tape, including a few accent walls, and it always does a great job! In fact, we’ve tried most popular brands of painter’s tape, and I seem to keep coming back to Frog Tape to achieve crisp paint lines.

Why paint an accent wall? 
Accent walls are one of my very favorite ways to decorate a space. It’s such a simple yet frugal way to change the entire vibe and look of a room, and it adds so much personality and style to the home. Better yet, it yields BIG impact for just the price of a can of paint and some DIY labor!

Plus, I love that paint isn’t permanent, and when/if you ever get sick of it, simply paint over it or create a new accent wall!

What makes Frog Tape different? 
Frog Tape is created with a special PaintBlock technology that reacts with paint to create a strong barrier to prevent bleeding. This is especially important when your goal is a straight paint line. We have textured walls, and I have found this tape does great, even with the bumpy texture!

How to Apply and Remove Frog Tape: Make sure your surface is clean and dust-free before starting to tape or paint. Apply tape to the wall, and then use a credit card or putty knife to go over the edge to seal the tape down. After painting, when the paint is still wet, remove the tape at a 45-degree angle.

Hip Tips: 
If by chance you do have any bleeding, keep a small angled art paintbrush on hand to quickly fix it. I have found it to be an easy fix to straighten up a line using that type of brush after painting to fix any bleedthrough.
Store your Frog Tape in the container it comes in, and try to keep it indoors. We keep all our tape inside, because we live in extremely hot weather, and I have found it can affect adhesive. Accent wall examples I’ve created using Frog Tape: 1. Herringbone Pattern Accent Wall

This wall may seem busy at first, but it completely works in this light and bright bedroom to create some fun interest and style.

We started off by measuring the middle of the wall and used a laser level tool to illuminate a line to tape off four vertical columns using Frog Tape. I also taped off the ceiling and the sides of the wall. We then measured every nine inches and made marks where to tape for the herringbone lines.

I painted over the dark tan wall with white paint and then decided to add some different colored areas. If that seems too colorful, just having the two main colors is nice, too.

2. Solid Striped Accent Wall

In our son’s nautical themed room, we created blue and white solid stripes on two walls, and it turned out so pretty!

Having this laser level tool helped us tape straight lines across both walls very easily. We painted one large block in the middle in white, removed the tape, and then came back after that was dry to tape and paint the dark blue lines in between.

The result is a classic look that can grow with his taste when he gets older, and it can easily be redone by taking out the coastal decor and switching to sports or whatever he chooses.

3. Diamond Shaped Accent Wall

In my daughter’s room, I knew I wanted to add a pale pink color, so we taped off a diamond pattern using Frog Tape and then completely painted it over it in pink. Once you pull the tape off, you’ve got a pretty pattern!

Have you ever painted an accent wall? Share with us any tips you may have in the comments!

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