We’re Designing Our “Dream” Dorm Rooms If We Could Go Back (+ College Dorm Survival Tips)

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photo by sara ligorria-tramp for EHD | from: my dream dorm
Let me paint you a picture of yesteryear. It’s 2006 when I was a young, naive 18-year-old moving into her dorm room. Back then, the world was different. The iPhone had yet to change (*cough* take ove…

Smugglers Run: Michael Hooks, the guy who gave up Miguel Caro Qujintero
Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat republished Smuggler’s Run from the archives The U.S. government put his name on the street and his life on the line The tall, slim man sitting in the Texas living room, telling stories in a rich baritone, bottled water in hand…

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